Pool Perfection With Addition Elle + GIVEAWAY!

Right before every summer, it seems like everywhere you look there’s some website or magazine touting “How to get bikini body ready”…it’s just a whole load of body-bashing bullshit that solely exists for you to feel bad about yourself and to separate you from your hard-earned dough. Want to really know how to “get bikini body […]


May The Fourth Be With You

“Judge me by my size, do you?” — Yoda Although it’s not a true holiday, May 4th is a fun reminder of just how much Star Wars rules. From countless Facebook posts declaring “May the 4th be with you!” to practically every network airing some sort of Star Wars related program, it’s almost impossible to […]

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NYFW Day 7

Oy. It’s finally the LAST day of NYFW F/W 2016 coverage, hurrah! This is going to be a short one because unfortunately so many things came up that I’m only finishing this in April… *hangs head in shame* Naeem Khan Very bohemian, gypsy, and gorgeous – of course. Impeccably embroidered gowns, sparkling sequined styles, and […]


Window Shopping With Uncommongoods

One of the style aspects I get complimented on most is my ability to source unique pieces to zhuzh up my outfit. From eye-covered scarves to Brooklyn Bridge rings, I feel proud of my eclectic collection of accessories. My jewelry tends to garner the most praise, most likely because we’ve all got a bit of magpie […]

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Back In Black

When I was in Providence, Rhode Island, for StyleWeek Northeast (more on that soon), the hotel I was staying in, the Omni Providence, had some of the most perfect areas that just begged for a photoshoot. Come pose like a boss bitch on us, the couches whispered… Look like a sexy ghost on me, the […]


Till & Sprocket Is The Midtown Haven You Need

Many people (e.g. NYCers) view midtown Manhattan with a snarl of disdain. Dominated by Penn Station, the Manhattan Mall, and literal boatloads of tourists, it’s not necessarily the area where you’d seek a comfortable & chic respite. But there’s actually an oasis in that chaotic mayhem nestled at 140 30th street – new restaurant Till & […]

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Why We Can’t #DropThePlus Yet

With all the anti-plus talk lately I wanted to share my thoughts. Although I had originally written this for Refinery29 in May 2015, it unfortunately is still relevant.  It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I realized I was fat. It might have been when I was 9 years old, changing clothes for gym, when a […]

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NYFW Day 6

Regardless of how glamorous NYFW can seem, by the time the second week of shows rolls around, you can see the fatigue on every face. For day 6 I wanted to take it easy, so I skipped my morning shows and only stopped by a few shows and events in the afternoon/evening. Read on to […]

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