Midtown Renaissance Grand Opening Party

Last night John and I attended the grand opening of the Renaissance New York Midtown, and what a grand opening it was! The decor was on point, with warm golden lighting, statement artwork, modernized art deco touches, and gilded accents everywhere. Music was pumping upstairs as the crowd grew thick. We escaped to a back […]


I Was On National TV In A Bikini & The World Didn’t End

So many people let fear hold them back. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment. They stay stagnant in jobs they hate, reside themselves to depressing relationships or a lifetime of singledom, avoid clothing they love because they’ve decided that their body is repulsive… Facing those fears, whatever they may be, is one […]


Pool Perfection With Addition Elle + GIVEAWAY!

Right before every summer, it seems like everywhere you look there’s some website or magazine touting “How to get bikini body ready”…it’s just a whole load of body-bashing bullshit that solely exists for you to feel bad about yourself and to separate you from your hard-earned dough. Want to really know how to “get bikini body […]


May The Fourth Be With You

“Judge me by my size, do you?” — Yoda Although it’s not a true holiday, May 4th is a fun reminder of just how much Star Wars rules. From countless Facebook posts declaring “May the 4th be with you!” to practically every network airing some sort of Star Wars related program, it’s almost impossible to […]

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NYFW Day 7

Oy. It’s finally the LAST day of NYFW F/W 2016 coverage, hurrah! This is going to be a short one because unfortunately so many things came up that I’m only finishing this in April… *hangs head in shame* Naeem Khan Very bohemian, gypsy, and gorgeous – of course. Impeccably embroidered gowns, sparkling sequined styles, and […]

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