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Day #2 was cold. Well, all of NYFW was cold, and it was cold last Feb and it will be next Feb. Who decided that having fashion week in NYC in FEBRUARY was a good idea? Seriously… in Sept we’re usually sweating (which is never a good look) and in Feb it always snows and we’re freezing and we can’t even wear our super-cute shoes because of all the gross slush. Blerg.

Well, enough of my #fashionpeopleproblems rant… NYFW Day Two was another fun day of running around, seeing shows, and trying my hardest to be comfy and warm while still being stylish. 

One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by wearing Duo boots. I am obsessed with Duo, (I now own 5 pairs), and these over-the-knee studded flat boots were my lifesavers during NYFW. And, of course, they worked perfectly with my equally comfy outfit; stretch leggings, an oversized button-down shirt and my stunning new Simply Be coat. My Mr. T-esq neckpiece and must-have Peter Pilotto x Target sunnies completed the look.

Thankfully, an outfit like this carried me from my first show (9 am, ugh!) to my last party that night (Charlotte Ronson)!

Jacket: Simply Be


Necklace: Street Vendor

Leggings: Eileen Fisher 

Boots: DUO

Sunglasses: Peter Pilotto for Target

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


NEW POST: Happy Xmas Everybody!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Xmas or Hanukkah or Chanukah or Kwanzaa or Festivus or nothing at all, happy whatever you want it to be. I’m technically Jew-ish, so I light candles at Hanukkah (when I remember) and I decorative a Santa tree. I’m one of those lucky people who got 8 days of presents and then a day full of them. You can blame it on having parents of two different religions (even though no one was religious) or you can blame it on being raised as an only child, but either way I always got a lot of fun stuff as a kid.

But, now my parents are old and don’t really celebrate the holidays much any more (last year they gave me a few things from their house that they decided they didn’t want anymore) and my in-laws can’t put up a tree because their two golden retrievers might would absolutely destroy it, it’s become a symbol of what once was that I still hold so dear. 

While my hubby does an amazing, practically impossible job of getting me the things I want (no longer Playmobile and Weird Al tapes, I now want clothes and shoes- my new toys) it’s everything that leads up to Xmas that I enjoy the most. Decorating the tree with meaningful ornaments, going to themed parties filled with unhealthy treats that I most likely can’t eat, twinkling lights that warm the room, seeing NYC become sweet with pop-up holiday shops, and and all the fuss that comes along with the season; those are the things that remind me of my childhood, and those are the things that truly make the season feel magical to me. 

But you didn’t come here to listen to me wax poetic, you came here for the clothes, so here’s what I wore to a xmas-filled day in NYC/Jersey City with my hubby:

Plaid reminds me of the holidays. I don’t know if it’s inspired by my dad’s old plaid shirts, the bow ties that the members of the “Secret, Not-So-Secret Haggis Society” would wear at the Curling Club, or if I were a lumberjack in a past life, but regardless, I love me some plaid. So I wore some, in the shape of this ASOS Curve cold-shoulder dress. I’ve been obsessed (OBSESSED) with the DUO boots that I was gifted; they are literally some of the best footwear I’ve ever owned, and if it wasn’t totally weird I’d wear them every day with every outfit. (Side note: DUO is such an amazing company- whether you’ve got skinny calves, thick calves, or something in-between, they (most likely) will have boots that will fit you. Their calf widths go from 30cm to 50cm, and I can tell you that my 19-inch calves fit comfortably in these stunning over-the-knee boots. They might be a tad pricy, but they’re TOTALLY worth it.) The necklace is by nOir and I’m a HUGE fan of their designs. While their jewelry is totally out of my price range, their sample sales are phenomenal and worth the trek to NYC. The necklace retails for over $200 but I got it for $30. Lastly,

I leave you with a shot of my living room that warms my heart (except for my coffee table, I hate that behemoth). This was actually not a posed shot; either my dog just knows how to be completely adorable or it was dumb luck, either way I love it. The glow of the fake fire place (not like I could have a real one in a 3rd floor apartment in a brownstone) matches the warmth of the tree, and Flynn (the dog, obviously) just helps center the shot. 

So, if you’ve actually taken the time to read all of this, thank you, I’ll take that as your Xmas gift to me. And, if you haven’t:


Merry whatever-the-hell you celebrate.


Dress: ASOS Curve

Necklace: nOir

Leggings: Forever21

Boots: DUO Boots (They have “custom-fit” boots up to a 50 cm calf!)


(Sorry for the immense post delay! I have been beyond swamped since NYFW… I started a new day job this week, we are moving to Jersey City at the end of Oct and sadly, I’ve been dealing with some intense family health issues. But anyway, on to the fashion!)

NEW POST: Cabiria at NYFW (plus me, lookin’ all fancy-schmancy)

This was QUITE the busy fashion week for me! I accumulated around 70 invites (obviously I didn’t make them all), but I made as many as humanly possible! Some of my favorites this season were Charlotte Ronson, Zimmermann, Koonhor, Candela, KYE, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Ostwald Helgason (who will have a collection with ALDO coming soon!), Tadashi Shoji, Tia Cibani, Ann Yee, and of course, Cabiria, the FIRST EVER plus collection to show at the tents at NYFW!

Cabiria had an AMAZING response, and I barely was able to squeeze in my interview for Refinery29 because SO many people were clamoring to speak to the designer, Eden Miller. You can read my article and interview here.

For this outfit (and don’t worry, there are more NYFW outfit posts on the way!) I knew I wanted to pair this high-waist wet look skirt and crop top together, but the bag was a purchase from the night before at the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target launch party, so that was a last-minute outfit addition. I actually had my photo taken by a few different blogs and websites that day, so I guess the look was a hit!

After the Cabiria show I had a little time to kill, so I went up to the Tresemme booth, and the amazingly talented hairstylist Katie Neutz created this amazing Veronica Lake-esq style. People gushed about my hair the entire day… I SO wish I had the skillz to replicate it!


Skirt: ASOS

Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Shoes: Shoedazzle


NEW POST: Urban Cat Woman

I’m a German mad scientist-umpire, and I’m calling you out.

I’m a welder that’s only concerned with my eyes, not with charring my hair.

I’m a fashion blogger at a funeral who decided leggings were pants.

I’m an urban cat woman, and this is my day off outfit.

Whatever Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story you want to back up this ensemble, pick it.

(But, if I ever get into a street rumble I think this would be a good look to resurrect. Slinky in H2T black, my hair looks even redder than normal against such a dark pallet.)

Hat: Target

Sunglasses: Street Vendor

Vest: H&M

Necklace: LOFT

Shirt: ASOS

Shoes: Steve Madden

NEW POST: Talk Nerdy To Me
Marching band. Debate team. Literary magazine. JV bowling team. That’s right, you’re looking at a bonafide nerd. And a proud one, at that.
So, it was only natural that the moment I saw this Chewbacca shirt I knew it would be mine. Because, oh yes, I am also a Star Wars fan. (Only the original three, none of this prequel bullshit.)
While I have no problem letting my nerd flag fly high, I decided to temper my nerd-tastic t-shirt and glasses combo with trendy cuffed jeans, my trusty book clutch, and holographic wedges.
But, as always, my best accessory is my English Springer Spaniel, Flynn!

Top: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Shoedazzle

Glasses: Warby Parker Preston

Clutch: ASOS

Dog: Flynn


The Plus-Size Problem We Just Haven’t Solved…Yet

(This article was originally written for, and appeared on, Refinery29. You can read the original here.)

plus-sizeWe’ve rattled off these stats before: The average American woman is a size 14. The plus-size consumer comprises 67% of the apparel-purchasing community. However, so many companies still refuse to expand their size range. In fact, they’re practically fighting against the opportunity.

From Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries’ “anti-fat” stance to Lululemon’s unwillingness to offer larger sizes, it seems that the stigma behind plus-sized fashion is still alive and well. “I understand that the process of designing and creating a plus-size range is a huge and challenging undertaking, but I have no doubt that many designers and brands don’t expand simply because they don’t want fat people wearing their clothing,” said Gabi Gregg, InStyle contributor and blogger of GabiFresh. “Most designers who don’t make plus sizes feel similarly; [Jeffries] just happened to be stupid enough to say it out loud.”

In recent news about ModCloth’s size expansion among a decent percentage of its vendors, it turned out that not all the e-commerce site’s vendors were onboard. Samara Fetto, ModCloth’s plus-size category manager and scout, explained that some designers are “just not interested in addressing this customer segment,” and in addition, “[they] don’t have resources to execute plus-size fits (people, fit models, grade rules, size specifications, patterns, etc).”

However, Fetto went on to clarify that the market is still well aware of what they’re lacking. “I’d say that everyone recognized the lack of options for plus-size women and the potential growth that can come from addressing this underserved customer segment. This was even true of those people who weren’t interested.”

With an increased level of awareness, you would think designers would be chomping at the bit to reach into this virtually untapped market. But, that’s just not the case. Aimee Cheshire, founder and CEO of Madison Plus Select, explained to us that the mainstream brands are still holding onto the idea that it’s the “high margin, skinny customer” who drives the market. “Similar to when newspaper refused to go online because people like the ‘old way,’ so too will these brands disappear as the normal once again becomes healthy and ‘plus’ loses the stigma.”

However, while we slowly watch some brands adapt to the need for more plus options, there is one brand that’s revolutionizing the approach: ASOS Curve. The collection runs parallel to its straight-size collections, and maintains the same high quality of style throughout all the sizes offered. “The main ASOS collection is fashion forward and directional, so why make the plus range any different?” says ASOS’s Curve buyer Natasha Smith. “If a girl loves fashion and wants to shop at ASOS then she wants to be able to buy the same product as our ASOS main range.”

This all leaves us wondering: What’s the truth behind the general size-expansion refusal? Are straight-size designers more concerned about being associated with antiquated notions regarding body size and fashion, or are they hoping to avoid the effort with the belief that the segment will change and revert back to what it once was? “We shouldn’t try to convince those that don’t want our business to take it,” Cheshire pointedly states. “Let’s just give it to those that want it!” After all, with so many talented designers, such as Cult of California and One One Three, willing to respond to the demands of this majority, mainstream’s loss might just be their gain.


P.S. It's Fashion

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