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NEW POST: What’s Black & White & Red Allover….

(Answer: it’s me! Like you didn’t see that one coming…)

Anyway, I was lucky enough to get invited to the Isabel Marant for H&M launch event. Having been to the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target party I knew to expect a bit of a shit-show, but it was beyond insane. We got there 30 minutes early and the line was already wrapped around the corner. By the time they opened the doors the line was down to the next avenue. When we got inside it was clear that every one was 20 seconds away from getting into a fist fight.

Now, I’m a seasoned shopper. I hit the mall every year on Black Friday, I can navigate a sample sale with ease, and I can even sift through the garbage at F21 to find a gem, but this brouhaha was more than I could take.

But, instead of leaving, I went up to the men’s section to scope out their stuff (men’s sizing is bigger, so would fit my plus frame better anyway).  Not only was this a brilliant move (I was able to snatch up a coveted sweatshirt and top), I then headed up to the 3rd floor to try on a few items, which just happened to also be where they were bringing out the replenishment stock. 

I could have been greedy, I could have snatched up items and re-sold them later. But I think that’s unfair (and I’m too lazy to deal with that mess).

The coatigan is actually a size M and it’s huge, and the men’s items were a size L and oversized. It’s yet another lesson why trying things on is so important!

This outfit would also make for a perfect Paris Fashion Week look; considering that Isabel Marant hails from France it seems only right to bring her designs “home.” And why am I randomly mentioning PFW? Well, the nice people at 39nineteen are offering a chance to attend! After years of NYFW, it would be fab to finally check off “attend a foreign fashion week” on my bucket list, and hopefully you all can help make it happen! Just vote for me on their facebook page so I can win! (And, if I don’t win, hopefully I can snag some gorgeous Diamondere jewels as a consolation prize!)

Coatigan: Isabel Marant for H&M

Belt: Target

Shirt: Zara

Skirt: Bar III

Shoes: Nasty Gal

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Bag: Express


Have you ever wanted to shop my wardrobe? Well, now’s your chance!

Tomorrow, July 10th, the ‎#NYCurvyCloset sale is going down at the Ritz Bar & Lounge (369 West 46th Street) from 6-9PM!

Come sip on some free cocktails, check out the A/W Simply Be USA collection, get in on some awesome giveaways, and shop the closets of some fashionable ladies, including myself! Clothes will range from size 10 to size 28, and there will be tons of shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses & more to shop as well (so it’s not just for plus-sizes only)!

Be sure to register for this FREE event at

(And yes, all those things pictured will be sold at the event!)


Stylish Shoes Size 11 & Up: They Do Exist

I received a question recently:

Hey I need help with shoes!!!!! I don’t want the 2 inch grandma shoe I want couture, I want a fashionable head turning shoe. The thing is I wear an 11 or 12 and have wide feet.

Well, fortunately I recently wrote an article that was exactly about this for Refinery29!

The curse of big feet makes shoe shopping fairly predictable. You scan the racks in the average store and, time after time, you turn up empty handed (er, footed). Just because you wear a size 11 or above, doesn’t mean you should be stuck with a lifetime of dowdy footwear or unflattering shoes better crafted for the stage at Lucky Cheng’s (no judgement here — but we can’t wear our lucite platforms all the time).

Don’t stress; while the choices are still pretty slim in brick-and-mortar shops, we’ve found a myriad of shoe options in every style (and price range) on the interwebs, so your feet will be as well dressed as the rest of you.


Nine West (Up to size 12)
Everyone knows and loves Nine West, but were you aware that their shoes go up to a size 12? And we’re not talking about just their basic pumps. Now you can shop the latest trends, whether you’re looking for a neon-accent pair of leopard-print heels, metallic ankle boots, or something in between.


Neiman Marcus (Up to size 12)
Did you know that Maison Martin Margiela, Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Christian Louboutin all go up to a size 12? At NM you can find these high-end designers and many, many more absolutely swoon-worthy soles.


Barefoot Tess (Up to size 15)
While they might have the word “barefoot” in their name, Barefoot Tess is filled with stylish shoes up to a size 15. From Isabel Marant-inspired wedge sneakers (by their own brand, B.F.T.) to Steve Madden glitter flats, Barefoot Tess is one of the best shoe sites for the larger-soled woman.


Zappos (Up to size 16)
Do you need larger than a size 12? Well thanks to Zappos, you’ll never be forced into a slippers-only lifestyle. From Adidas to Ziera, you can easily find practically any shoe brand under the sun, including ones you’ve never heard of before!


Amazon (Up to size 16)
Amazon is not just a site to buy electronics and Cards Against Humanity; thanks to their recent purchase of and expansion of their clothing pages, they’re now a mecca for shoes up to size 16.

You can read the original article here.


20% OFF All Merchandise + FREE Shipping at ILWYW!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for the fashion obsessed! 
In honor of Sale Season, I Like What You’re Wearing is offering 20% OFF all merchandise plus FREE SHIPPING from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Shop clothes and accessories from their entire roster of the world’s most talented rising designers for a limited-time discount. Whether you’re on the hunt for a seriously special gift or want something that’s completely unique and high-quality just for yourself, you’ve never seen fashion this fresh.
To redeem, go to and enter promo code Turkey2012 at checkout.

Molami Headphones Rock!

…this post will also be known as “No Pants Dance.”

So I was listening to some music the other day while wearing just a trench coat, sunglasses and heels (that’s believable, right?) and I realized that not only was the quality of my music lousy, my ugly, plain ol’ earbuds were bringing the down the level of my entire outfit.

So, I strapped on my ever-so-fashionable white silk & gold Molami earphone headband (the clarity! the style!) & boogied down with my bad-dancing white-girl bad self.

Headphones: Molami

Trench Coat: Target (Size XXL)

Shoes: Steve Madden (Size 9)

Sunglasses: Target

(Source: psfashion)


Hi-Lo there everybody!

I’m a big fan of clothes that can do double-duty, and I’m a strong believer in finding new ways to wear clothing you already own. You can’t afford to get that new short leopard print skirt but you already own a long leopard print skirt? You can make your clothes work for you.

I’ve had this mid-calf length leopard print skirt from Forever21 for a while. I like the subdued color on an otherwise lively print. It elevates the maturity of the skirt without making it matronly. However, a mid-calf length can be difficult to pull off. Not exactly as lengthening as a maxi, and not nearly as showy as a knee-length or mini skirt. Leaving it down gives the outfit a slightly Rockabilly style, and offers more coverage of course for those bad leg days. (We’ve all been there).

Wanting a more youthful, fun & easy look, I raised the hemline by folding the skirt in half and tucking it into the waistband, which I then secured by adding a belt. The jewel-dotted grey t-shirt helps keep the tonal theme going, and it makes my bazungas look awesome.

The shoes were a have-to-have purchase from Marshalls; they were marked way down (only $25) and I feel like I have an update of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. She may have knocked them together in hopes of getting home… I hope mine bring me to the mall.

Skirt: Forever21 (size L)

Shirt: Forever21 (size L)

Shoes: Dolce Vita (size 9.5)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Belt: Target (size L)


Lovers forever... face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather...
Take from me... my lace

Out of all the amazing fashion contrasts there are out there my favorite has to be leather & lace. The edginess of the tough leather paired with the femininity of the romantic lace is such a delicious contradiction it’s a guarantee to make anyone stop and stare.

I started the outfit with a lace skirt as an easy base, then added a long-sleeve button-down collared shirt in a contrasting lace pattern. The two different lace patterns help break up the outfit and prevent it from looking like a dress. I topped off the lace shirt with an edgy asymmetrical leather vest to give the outfit some bite.

I continued the leather & lace theme with an Alexander McQueen inspired clutch and black suede booties that I spiked myself! The lace clutch is one of my favorite accessories (although I wish it was slightly bigger so I could store more things), as it has a bejeweled skull four-finger knuckle clasp- it’s a clutch and a ring! And I’m quite proud of the spiked booties- I bought them cheap at Target and spiked them myself. (I bought the spikes at Spiking the shoes was not that easy and it’s quite the arm workout, but I think it was totally worth it!

So get a little femme, get a little butch, and toss on some leather & lace!

Vest: Forever21

Lace Shirt: Forever21

Skirt: Target

Bra: Lane Bryant

Clutch: Pat Field

Earrings: Forever21

Shoes: Target (But spikes added by yours truly!)

(Source: psfashion)


Just a little behind the scenes footage for you all….

Factory has the closet of my dreams (filled with all the clothes and accessories of my dreams), and I couldn’t not share the wonderment! 

Zomg shoez.

…please excuse the picture of me holding a tiny neon orange rose gold spiked Ruthie Davis bag… I couldn’t help myself.

(Source: psfashion)


Just some more shoes from Factory’s summer market! 

I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter s….

Could it be studs? Spikes? Sexiness? Or…shoes?

With stud embellished loafers, heels and bags it’s safe to say the stud/spike trend has not jumped the shark. Betsey Johnson gave another fabulous offering through the form of a leopard print platform bootie with a stud covered back bow- mixing in a hard edgy touch to the otherwise girly look.

And Ruthie Davis continued to impress with her sparkly, glittery flats and sky-high platforms! Some of her shoes were so fun & girly that I almost mistook them to be Betsey Johnson’s!

Oh shoes… I do love you.

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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