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NEW POST: Reading is Fundamental

Ima read that bitch
Ima school that bitch
I’m gonna take that bitch to college
I’m gonna give that bitch some knowledge

So let me give y’all some knowledge. You don’t have to stress out over making a dress fit whatever occasion you might have. Simple accessory changes can alter the feeling of an entire outfit.

With the addition of red pumps and a bright blue book clutch, the first look seems appropriate at both a bridal shower and at church/temple/wedding where everyone is asked to wear white. It could even be a patriotic bridal look for an impromptu 4th of July courthouse wedding.

Change out the pumps and clutch for blue velvet booties, a vintage gold necklace and pearl embellished round sunglasses, and you’ve got a laid-back, hippie-esq vibe. I could be off to go-go dance at a 60’s themed birthday party, or a Sunday brunch date at the hottest gluten-free, vegan joint in Williamsburg.

Same dress, different story.

Dress: Macy’s

Book Clutch: ASOS

Shoes: ALDO

Booties: Urban Outfitters

Pendent Necklace: Vintage

Sunglasses: Boohoo


What’s black & white & red all over? Me! (That sounds a lot more dirty that I meant…) It was a glamorous affair on Thursday night; everyone was decked out in their best black & white, with the exception of one bright bold burst of color. And that stylish shade was stylist Lauren Rae Levy.

While black & white isn’t a tough combo to put together, I wanted to look more than basic. So I took inspiration from both the classic & the modern. A crisp white button-down is always en vogue, but I gave it a more updated twist by literally twisting it at my waist. I continued the dressy edge with a trendy high-low pleated skirt, black suede heels with a rose gold cap toe, and a literary (literally) inspired clutch.

Happy birthday Lauren Rae Levy!

Shirt: Old Navy (Size XXL)

Skirt: Target (Size XXL)

Shoes: Nasty Gal (Size 9.5)

Clutch: ASOS



What’s black & white & me all over? (Yes, I think I may have used a similar joke like that before, but whatever, it’s my blog & IdowhatIwant!)

As I’ve said in the past, I’m a big fan of clashing/matching prints. (Clamashing? Clatching? Mashing? ….I guess mashing is a word already, so we’ll go with that.) And with a intensely patterned black & white dress (with neon green piping), it was just natural to pair a black & white zebra print belt, neon green & snake print platform heels, neon shades, neon necklace & a neon bag.

While it sounds like a lot of neon, the black & white dress grounds the bright colors and prevents them from overpowering the entire look. Personally, I love neon & have no problem wearing an bold neon-centric look, but most people are not comfortable doing so.

If I can ever impart any fashion wisdom on you it would be this, try things. Put colors together you think shouldn’t go, put two (or more) busy patterns together, wear neon, wear white, wear stripes, wear everything that people say big girls can’t wear. Screw ‘em.

Dress: Target (Junior’s size XXL)

Belt: Target (Size L)

Shoes: Easy Pickins (Size 9)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Bag: Nasty Gal

Necklace: Forever21 (painted by me)

English Springer Spaniel: Flynn (size L)


I’m just dotty about fashion…

While clashing (while not really clashing) patterns are in right now, I decided to mix similar patterns (a more subtle take on what I did here) for an all over dotty outfit.

The best thing to remember when using patterns- the smaller the print, the smaller those areas will look, the larger the print, the larger those areas will look. So with that in mind, I paired a white and navy tiny polka dot print mini skirt with a white and navy large polka dot sweater. The bow belt helped cinch my waist while simultaneously creating a visual line to divide up the spots, thus enhancing my curves instead of turning me into a beach ball.

And, with the classic blue and white coloring, it was all too easy to slip on some red platform heels (previously seen here) that perfectly matched my hair and lips. Just call me Miz America.

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Target

Sunglasses: Forever21

Heels: Target

Belt: Forever21


Coming Attractions

What to look forward to in this coming week: B & W, Day-to-Night dressing, Black & Neon, What To Do For The Blues & Doggy Style.


P.S. It's Fashion

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