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I’m just dotty about fashion…

While clashing (while not really clashing) patterns are in right now, I decided to mix similar patterns (a more subtle take on what I did here) for an all over dotty outfit.

The best thing to remember when using patterns- the smaller the print, the smaller those areas will look, the larger the print, the larger those areas will look. So with that in mind, I paired a white and navy tiny polka dot print mini skirt with a white and navy large polka dot sweater. The bow belt helped cinch my waist while simultaneously creating a visual line to divide up the spots, thus enhancing my curves instead of turning me into a beach ball.

And, with the classic blue and white coloring, it was all too easy to slip on some red platform heels (previously seen here) that perfectly matched my hair and lips. Just call me Miz America.

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Target

Sunglasses: Forever21

Heels: Target

Belt: Forever21


NEW POST: The Goddess of Comfort in Rachel Pally

We all have those mornings… you’re soooo comfy in your pajamas, but you have to go outside and you really don’t want to look like a total schlub. So what’s a girl to do? Why, turn to designer Rachel Pally, of course!

Her amazing, super soft jersey dresses are the embodiment of comfy-chic (and the chic is actually chic, not some yoga pant BS)! With the vibrant blue shade, flattering wrap style (I try to fight off wrap dresses, but we can all admit they’re super figure flattering), and unbelievably soft fabric, it’s the absolute perfect summertime dress. You can pair it with flats, or like I did (since the length is a little long) wear high wedge sandals.

Maxi Dress: Rachel Pally White Label Jovi Maxi Dress

Platform Wedges: Paloma Barcelo

Sunglasses: Prada

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

This dress was provided as a gift and no review was requested- it’s just that good.


Last Thursday I attended the Lane Bryant Flagship launch party. Thank the fashion gods that they’ve opened a store right in the heart of NYC! (There use to be one on 34th st a few years ago, but that’s been closed for a while). With the launch of the new flagship store comes the re-vamp of the brand as well; more trend-driven, fashion-forward styles, a younger voice and look, and an increase in the higher price point, higher-quality options within the Lane Collection.

I had a blast at the party; I met other style bloggers, like Marcy Guevara, interviewed Lane Bryant’s CMO Liz Crystal, singer/actress Carnie Wilson and television personality Jay Manuel, and enjoyed the beautiful store and clothes.

If you’re in NYC you’ve got to stop by the new store! It’s so inviting and modern, and they will have certain styles that will only be available at that specific location.So check it out, your wardrobe will thank you! (even if your wallet might be mad.)

Lane Bryant Flagship Store, 225 West 34th Street; 646.216.5456.


(I will post a future article that details my outfit, so don’t worry!)


I’ve Got Mono Fever… Monochromatic, that is.

Monochromatic looks aren’t new; fashionistas are used to dressing H2T (Head-to-Toe) in a monochromatic color- black.

Instead of breaking up the boldness of your red pants with a black top, swap out the black for yet another swath of red. Make yourself into a human cherry.

Or in my case, a blueberry. 

This post may have been written under the influence of too much caffeine or not enough.

I’ve had these blue suede shoes for a while now, and their electric color is always eye-catching. I typically pair them with a black dress during a job interview- I find having a pop of color on my feet helps me stick in the interviewer’s mind. 

But imagine my excitement when I found pants that matches their pigmentation perfectly! And then a shirt that is their color twin (or triplet). And while the blazer doesn’t match in perfect hue, I think that since the other three items of my outfit are an exact shade match, the colors all complement each other enough.

Jacket: Vintage

Shirt: Old Navy

Pants: New York & Company

Shoes: Macy’s INC.



It’s a Dog Eat Dog World… And I’m top dog.

The puppies just had to join us outside during this shoot… They couldn’t stand the idea of not being internet celebrities. One English Springer Spaniel, two Golden Retrievers, and one Labrador later, I was finally left alone to strut and pose. (Who am I kidding… they never left me alone, those camera hogs.)

I love how everything glowed outside in the sunshine… (especially my practically translucent skin). Little rainbows jumped off of my holographic heels, danced in the glitter of my glasses, and sparkled in every crystal in my necklace. Their fractured beauty was complemented by my abstract lace print silk blouse and shiny coated skinny jeans.

Blouse: DKNYC (Size 1X)

Jeans: NYDJ (Size 16)

Shoes: Nasty Gal (Size 9.5)

Bag: Coach

Sunglasses: H&M

Necklace: H&M


Happy Holidays everyone! Regardless of what you celebrate (personally, I celebrate both Christmas & Chanukah), everyone loves an excuse to party!

I’ve been on a hunt for a perfect party frock, and I think I found it in this elegantly draped, sparkle-dusted IGIGI dress. The side draping/ruching is unbelievably flattering, the higher neckline offers a bit more modesty for those who are well-endowed like me, the length is neither too short or too long (I’m starting to feel like Goldilocks here…), and the slits in the sleeves allow for a sliver of skin to peek through, while still providing some coverage for those women who don’t love to show off their arms.

The bold shade is a bit unusual for a holiday dress, but I think I embody the Chanukah spirit due to the contrast of my white-as-white-can-be skin against the deep blue fabric.

Most people would reach for silver for their accessories, when wearing a bright blue shade, but I like to be slightly different, so my eye went towards gold. I matched the gold metal belt to my gold & black minaudiere (fancy word for a hard clutch), which I then matched to my black patent leather Christian Louboutins, whose red soles matched my hair perfectly. That’s how you tie an outfit together my friends.

L’Chaim fellow fashion lovers!

Dress: IGIGI (Size 14/16)

Belt: Lublu

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (size 9)

Clutch: Express

Earrings: Forever21



Here’s a little throwback for you… the first outfit I posted!

With the first blizzard flurries of the year upon us, and temperatures dropping, it’s important to find ways to stay warm and fashionable.

Trench coats are the most flattering style of coat for the plus-size form; having a built-in belt helps show off curves instead of increasing bulk. While I do own a traditional tan trench coat, having outerwear in unusual colors helps you stand out from the pack. Being plus-sized is not about blending in, but about standing out.

The burgundy ’70s style hat is fabulous, and it really helps contain your hair on a windy day…. but it is a bit like being a horse with blinders on.

Instead of a scarf, I topped off the jacket with a vintage fur stole. It ups the glam factor of the outfit, and the fact that it’s vintage lessens my guilt a smidgen. However, faux fur has come a long way and looks more real than ever, so in my own hypocritical way I encourage you to recreate this outfit with faux fur, or at least vintage.

The beautiful black leather Coach bag was an amazing birthday present from fabulous friends, (I’m a lucky gal, whatcanIsay…), and with its dual straps (for cross-body & arm crook carrying), antiqued brass hardware and multiple inside and outside pockets, it’s a perfect design for any situation. I wholeheartedly recommend a dual-strap style just for the functionality alone, and you can find bags with this option in every price range.

Under all the layers of outerwear I have a button-down shirt & maxi skirt (to be revealed in a future post). Maxi skirts are perfect for cold weather days- the extra wind resistance helps keep legs warm while allowing you to look stylish at the same time.

Maxi Skirt: Forever21

Coat: New York & Company

Hat: Target

Fur: Vintage

Bag: Kristin Leather Satchel by Coach



Sari, I’m not sari.

Growing up, my childhood best friend was Indian, and consequently exposed me to many aspects of her culture, including their clothing. I was always fascinated by the ornate saris, glimmering bangles and brilliant colors that were infused into every technicolor outfit.

Well, (if you didn’t see where this was leading), this is my version of a modern day, minimalist sari. While, that might seem like a contradiction, I was mostly inspired by the sari (reminiscent of the draping waist of my maxi skirt and the covering of my vest) and the choli (my crop top).

The collar necklace & the bag are also influenced by Indian culture; the deep saffron color of the bag (I know that might be a stretch) is a combination of the top band of the Indian national flag as well as evocative of the vibrant hues found in their dress, and the necklace is a minimalist nod to the opulent wedding choker that most Indian brides wear.

Namaste, fashion lovers. 

Vest: Forever21 (size 1X)

Crop top: ASOS (size 14)

Maxi Skirt: Forever21 (size L)

Bag: Sam Edelman

Sunglasses: Street vendor

Necklace: H&M



P.S. It's Fashion

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