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NEW POST: Urban Cat Woman

I’m a German mad scientist-umpire, and I’m calling you out.

I’m a welder that’s only concerned with my eyes, not with charring my hair.

I’m a fashion blogger at a funeral who decided leggings were pants.

I’m an urban cat woman, and this is my day off outfit.

Whatever Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story you want to back up this ensemble, pick it.

(But, if I ever get into a street rumble I think this would be a good look to resurrect. Slinky in H2T black, my hair looks even redder than normal against such a dark pallet.)

Hat: Target

Sunglasses: Street Vendor

Vest: H&M

Necklace: LOFT

Shirt: ASOS

Shoes: Steve Madden



I’m just dotty about fashion…

While clashing (while not really clashing) patterns are in right now, I decided to mix similar patterns (a more subtle take on what I did here) for an all over dotty outfit.

The best thing to remember when using patterns- the smaller the print, the smaller those areas will look, the larger the print, the larger those areas will look. So with that in mind, I paired a white and navy tiny polka dot print mini skirt with a white and navy large polka dot sweater. The bow belt helped cinch my waist while simultaneously creating a visual line to divide up the spots, thus enhancing my curves instead of turning me into a beach ball.

And, with the classic blue and white coloring, it was all too easy to slip on some red platform heels (previously seen here) that perfectly matched my hair and lips. Just call me Miz America.

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Target

Sunglasses: Forever21

Heels: Target

Belt: Forever21


NEW POST: Mad For Plaid

We’re all mad here… or at least I am, for this Madras plaid crop tank & easy, breezy, beautiful gauzy maxi skirt. It’s the perfect airy combo for the super-sweltering days of summer that have been teasing the East Coast lately… and with even higher temps on their way I know I’ll be rocking this look quite frequently this summer.

I feel like I’m breaking two big girl fashion rules… wearing white (on bottom, oh, the horrors!) and wearing a crop top. To that antiquated notion I say, good. I hope my “rule breaking” breaks the judgmental views of anyone that thinks that certain people can’t wear specific styles. Wear what makes you happy.

Top: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (from Macy’s)

Skirt: ASOS

Sunglasses: Prada


Get Grungy.

Being that I grew up in the 90s (I was an 80s baby), I got a full dose of 90s style right in my formative years. I’m talking burgundy corduroy overalls, fuzzy wizard-sleeve bell-neck sweaters (I had it in 2 colors!), holographic-ish daisy print baby tees (bought at Contempo Casuals, of course), platform flip-flops, JNCO jeans… the works!

But the one thing I never really wore was plaid. Oh, I imagine some might have snuck in there (I use to be a Curler- the sport- and plaid runs rampant in Curling clubs) but I certainly wasn’t “grunge” by any means.

So, am I making up for lost time now? Perhaps… I find myself drawn to plaid tops and a hell of a lot of black clothes lately, but I’m not about to jump in my Delorean and head back 20 years (omg, the 90s were TWENTY (plus or minus) YEARS AGO!?) to douse myself in H2T 90s nostalgia.

So, while I might be slipping a little grunge into my style now and then, don’t expect me to go full 90s. Never go full 90s.

Dress: ASOS Curve (size 14)

Coat: ASOS (size 14)

Shirt: Old Navy (Size XXL) (Similar here)

Booties: Kenneth Cole (Similar here)

Bag: Sam Edelman


Spring into Style!

When the temperature reminds me of spring and I just can’t bare to wear any more black, I search my closet for the girliest sundress I own. And while I don’t have any baby pink, bow-y, and frilly dresses, I think a thin white sundress covered in multicolored butterflies is pretty damn girly.

I topped off the dress with a thin cropped cardigan for a little warmth and added coverage. The straw tote helps complete the “spring” vibe, and the nude platform pump is not only leg-lengthening, it also allows the dress to shine without competing with the overall tone of the outfit.

While I’m positive I’d burst into flames if I walked into a church, I imagine this outfit would be perfect for a Sunday church service or Easter mass. Happy Easter (or whatever you do/don’t celebrate) everyone!

Dress: Old Navy

Cardigan: Target

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Bag: Vintage


P.S. It's Fashion

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