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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

So, it wasn’t an intentional inspiration, but as I was looking at myself in my outfit (especially once I donned my sunglasses) I was struck with the feeling that I was directly channeling Peter Seller’s character Dr. Strangelove from the eponymous movie.

Maybe it’s a stretch, but between the grinning skulls, the noir pallet and those round sunglasses, I can see the resemblance. But I digress…

I will never deny my love for skulls or the color black (it’s my last name), and I know both things tend to infiltrate my outfits, but when I saw this skull dotted shirt I knew it was destined for the blog.

I know the great leggings debate has divided our country, but my personal beliefs are, if your top covers your V&A, then you can wear them as pants. And, if I’m choosing any pant/leggings to strut around in, they’ve got to be the smoothing, slimming Hold Your Haunches leggings. I’m a totally believer in loving your body (including all your lumps and bumps), but sometimes I want to tone down my vajiggle-jaggle a bit when I’m traipsing around town. (Also, they’re super comfy.)

How’s that for a fashion bomb?

Top: Easy Pickins (Size 2X)

Leggings: Hold Your Haunches (Size XL)

Bra: Elomi

Boots: Duo (Size 9)

Bag: Zara

Sunglasses: ASOS

Bracelets: Electric Picks, Urban Outfitters, Street Vendor (similar at UO)


Just call me Tiger Lady.

I know I talk up my love of animal print (oh New Jersey, can I ever escape you?) but this is taking it to a whole new level.

With being smack dab in the middle of the season and temperatures finally dipping (seriously, snow last week?), I’ve finally been able to break out my Fall fashions. From vegan leather and cable knit to plaid and oxblood, I’ve been dabbling in all the trends.

I love the shape of this pleated vegan leather skirt, and the long sleeve tiger shirt turns it into more of a fit and flare than just a… flare. With the addition of opaque black tights and a rugged high-heel boot, it ups the Fall feel and increases the badassness by just a bit.

Roar. Welcome to November.

Shirt: Walmart (Size L)

Skirt: Kirna Zabete for Target (Size 16)

Tights: Hue

Boots: Target

Sunglasses: Street Vendor

Bag: Pat Field



What’s black & white & red all over? Me! (That sounds a lot more dirty that I meant…) It was a glamorous affair on Thursday night; everyone was decked out in their best black & white, with the exception of one bright bold burst of color. And that stylish shade was stylist Lauren Rae Levy.

While black & white isn’t a tough combo to put together, I wanted to look more than basic. So I took inspiration from both the classic & the modern. A crisp white button-down is always en vogue, but I gave it a more updated twist by literally twisting it at my waist. I continued the dressy edge with a trendy high-low pleated skirt, black suede heels with a rose gold cap toe, and a literary (literally) inspired clutch.

Happy birthday Lauren Rae Levy!

Shirt: Old Navy (Size XXL)

Skirt: Target (Size XXL)

Shoes: Nasty Gal (Size 9.5)

Clutch: ASOS



You’re gonna poke your eye out!

Alright, so the original quote actually says “shoot,” but seriously, potato, potato. (Boy, does that sound better when you say it out loud…)

Either way, I prefer my jewelry dangerous. Whether that means it could double as a weapon or it just looks intimidating, each spiked necklace or Brooklyn Bridge ring gives me a touch of edge that might otherwise be missing from my outfit.

I wore this outfit to two events last Thursday; the Gc Timepiece preview & the Demi Monde grand opening party. I’m obviously a big fan of leopard print, so when I’m in a rush I typically grab for the pattern in my packed closet. This tunic/dress is actually from the straight size section of Forever21, which shows you how it’s important to always try things on.

The tunic/dress needed a belt to give it shape and highlight my hourglass figure. I love how neon shades pair with the neutral of the leopard print, and while I typically don’t do the whole matchy-matchy of the same shade in a cardigan & belt, it was the easiest pairing for a rush.

The black leggings & platform wedges helped ground the outfit, and prevent it from becoming too over-the-top. …although, who am I really kidding? Most of my outfits are over-the-top.

Dress: Forever21 (size L)

Leggings: Forever21 (size 2X)

Cardigan: Norma Kamali for Walmart (size L)

Shoes: Easy Pickins (Size 9)

Belt: Target (Size L)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Necklace: Necessary Clothing



P.S. It's Fashion

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