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NEW POST: Boost Your Curvy Quotient With Sonsi!

As plus-size women we all have different levels of confidence regarding our curves. There are those who are uncomfortable with them and try to disappear into the background, those who feel okay with their curves, but want to focus a bit more on streamlining their shape in every outfit, and then there are those women who embrace their curves and are willing to try every trend.

But if you’re uncertain about your style, or your feelings about your size, you should take Sonsi’s Curvy Quotient quiz! Not only is it fun and easy, you can quickly find out what clothing will best speak to your personal style and trend comfort level. I recently took it, and found out that I am “Confidently Curvy.” While I’m not surprised with my results, it was cool seeing what types of clothes best described my curve personality.

I picked out this fabulous high-low leopard print top from City Chic and vegan leather leggings from Lane Bryant. I actually loved this look so much I wore it on my birthday! With the flattering faded leopard print stripes on the front of the shirt, and the surprising leopard on the back, the top makes a style statement, coming and going!

Find out your Curvy Quotient here: Boost Your CQ

Want to enjoy a party without even leaving your home? Then you should check out Sonsi’s #BoostYourCQ curvy conversation Twitter party! If you haven’t attended a party like this before, don’t worry – it’s easy! Just use the hashtag #BoostYourCQ to stay on top of what other tweeters around the world are saying, and hopefully connect with some new friends & learn a thing or two! Sonsi will be throwing a twitter party with tips, tricks & stories all to help you #BoostYourCQ! Plus, they’re giving away over $300 in prizes to some very lucky winners!

So, just join Sonsi’s #BoostYourCQ curvy conversation on Tues. Oct. 15 at 9 pm ET & you could win one of five Sonsi gift cards — more than $300 in prizes total! RSVP for the Sonsi Twitter party here: RSVP

Top: City Chic (from Sonsi)

Vegan Leather Pants: Lane Bryant at Sonsi


NEW POST: Reading is Fundamental

Ima read that bitch
Ima school that bitch
I’m gonna take that bitch to college
I’m gonna give that bitch some knowledge

So let me give y’all some knowledge. You don’t have to stress out over making a dress fit whatever occasion you might have. Simple accessory changes can alter the feeling of an entire outfit.

With the addition of red pumps and a bright blue book clutch, the first look seems appropriate at both a bridal shower and at church/temple/wedding where everyone is asked to wear white. It could even be a patriotic bridal look for an impromptu 4th of July courthouse wedding.

Change out the pumps and clutch for blue velvet booties, a vintage gold necklace and pearl embellished round sunglasses, and you’ve got a laid-back, hippie-esq vibe. I could be off to go-go dance at a 60’s themed birthday party, or a Sunday brunch date at the hottest gluten-free, vegan joint in Williamsburg.

Same dress, different story.

Dress: Macy’s

Book Clutch: ASOS

Shoes: ALDO

Booties: Urban Outfitters

Pendent Necklace: Vintage

Sunglasses: Boohoo


NEW POST: Mad For Plaid

We’re all mad here… or at least I am, for this Madras plaid crop tank & easy, breezy, beautiful gauzy maxi skirt. It’s the perfect airy combo for the super-sweltering days of summer that have been teasing the East Coast lately… and with even higher temps on their way I know I’ll be rocking this look quite frequently this summer.

I feel like I’m breaking two big girl fashion rules… wearing white (on bottom, oh, the horrors!) and wearing a crop top. To that antiquated notion I say, good. I hope my “rule breaking” breaks the judgmental views of anyone that thinks that certain people can’t wear specific styles. Wear what makes you happy.

Top: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (from Macy’s)

Skirt: ASOS

Sunglasses: Prada


London Times Loves: Style Writer Extraordinaire, Liz Black

(This interview originally ran on the London Times blog, you can view that article here.)

As a contributor to many of LT’s daily reads and the author of her own blog, P.S. It’s Fashion, Liz Black is nothing short of a style expert here in NYC. She’s also a pioneer for plus size fashion, and never seems to shy away from telling it like it is.  If you don’t already know her, you need to. Read up!

First off, where are you from and how did you get into fashion and blogging?

I’m from New Jersey (I currently live in Bloomfield). I always had a love of fashion (I wrote Betsey Johnson a letter when I was 10, saying I wanted to work in fashion some day because of her), and once I was out of college I began a style blog. I created it mostly so that I would have writing samples to provide if I was ever asked for any; and I’m so glad I had them readily available when I was asked to intern at an online magazine. I went from intern to fashion editor in less than a month because of those clips, and I’ve been networking my way through the industry ever since!

My current blog, P.S. It’s Fashion, is only about a year & a half old, and I was encouraged to start a style blog because my fashion industry PR contacts had never seen a stylish larger woman before! The majority of my work between the first blog I created ages ago and my current blog has been focused on other style websites and magazines, such as the Huffington Post, City Magazine, and Refinery29.

Tell us how you landed the Refinery 29 contributor gig. 

I actually reached out to them to see if they were in need of a plus-size contributor and they were very receptive. I pitched a few article ideas and sent them some links to articles I’ve written (I also contribute to the Huffington Post and City Magazine, as well as my own plus-size style blog, of course), and they offered me the freelance contributor position.

I think this is an important lesson… sometimes, if you want something in life you need to put yourself out there and go get it. You can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to fall in your lap!

What are your favorite blogs/websites to visit for style inspiration?

Well, Refinery29, obviously. I also like DailyCandy, Stylecaster, Fashionista, ASOS (they have a great digital style magazine!), Luckymag, Glamour, Instyle, Marie Claire, etc. I do support a lot of other plus-size bloggers, and I love to see what they’re doing, but I actually take most of my style inspiration from straight-size websites/blogs and translate it into plus-size friendly outfits! I feel like if a smaller woman can pull it off, so can I!

Speaking of plus size style, it has really moved to the forefront of the fashion world over the past few years – why do you think that is?

The majority of the women in this country are a size 14 or above, and I think companies are finally beginning to realize how profitable that market is!

What progress do you think the industry still has to make with plus size fashion? What can brands do to better to cater to a wider range of women?

The smartest thing ANY brand can do is to make the exact same designs they have for straight-size women into plus sizes! We want those same trendy, edgy, fun, funky designs that smaller women wear, just give them to us in our size! To me it seems so obvious, but many retailers feel that plus-size women just won’t spend the money on quality or on something trendy.

Also, many existing plus-size brands need to step up their style game as well. We don’t want to wear only black wrap dresses and sack-like muumuus… Watch the trends coming off the runway, see what other straight-size lines are making, and get your designers to make those types of clothes before you lose the market to a new line!

Do you have a favorite London Times dress right now?

I really love the Garden Print Fit and Flare from the plus-size line and the Tropical High-Low Hem Maxi Dress (it goes up to a size 16).

What are you most looking forward to wearing this spring and summer?

I love maxi skirts & dresses, and the warmer months are the perfect time to break them out!

Also, I love bright, vibrant colors & prints… this is the time to throw off all the black and embrace the dynamic shades of summer!

Be sure to keep up with Liz on twitter @TheLizBlack

Dress: London Times

Shoes: Boutique 9

Necklace: Lane Bryant

Blazer: Lane Bryant


NEW POST: The Goddess of Comfort in Rachel Pally

We all have those mornings… you’re soooo comfy in your pajamas, but you have to go outside and you really don’t want to look like a total schlub. So what’s a girl to do? Why, turn to designer Rachel Pally, of course!

Her amazing, super soft jersey dresses are the embodiment of comfy-chic (and the chic is actually chic, not some yoga pant BS)! With the vibrant blue shade, flattering wrap style (I try to fight off wrap dresses, but we can all admit they’re super figure flattering), and unbelievably soft fabric, it’s the absolute perfect summertime dress. You can pair it with flats, or like I did (since the length is a little long) wear high wedge sandals.

Maxi Dress: Rachel Pally White Label Jovi Maxi Dress

Platform Wedges: Paloma Barcelo

Sunglasses: Prada

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

This dress was provided as a gift and no review was requested- it’s just that good.

I probably should have waited until morning, but I’m just so excited about my GabiFresh X Swimsuitsforall Galaxy bikini, I just HAD to share! What do you think of it?

I probably should have waited until morning, but I’m just so excited about my GabiFresh X Swimsuitsforall Galaxy bikini, I just HAD to share! What do you think of it?


P.S. It’s Fashion <3’s boohoo

Have you heard about the UK brand boohoo? Like every other brand that comes from the UK (ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, New Look) they’re edgy, chic and so on trend. Thankfully, they’re also totally affordable, with prices that resemble those at Forever21/H&M.

Well, in even more awesomer news, boohoo now has come to the US! They’re taking over the world, making it more fashionable, country by country… And thankfully they’re here to inject us with some British fabulousness.

When I attended their boohoo takeover event I was thrilled to see their stylishly affordable clothes in action (along with super delicious libations, an interactive photobooth, talented DJ and basement-esq flashback of a wall that everyone decorated with black-light paint!

While they don’t currently offer plus sizes (fingers crossed that changes in the near future!), their accessories are trendy and cool enough that it’s worth hitting their site- regardless of your size!

Jacket: ASOS (Size 14)

Sweater: Old Navy (Size XL)

Vest: H&M (Size 12)

Jeans: Old Navy (Size 16)

Sneaker Wedges: Boohoo (Size 9)

Hat: Boohoo

Bag: Sam Edelman

PREVIEW: I Look Egg-cellent
(Happy belated Easter to those who like punintentional humor)
Top: Wet Seal (1X)
Dress: Forever21 (1X)
Shoes: Paloma Barcelo
Bag: Vintage
Sunglasses: Boohoo

PREVIEW: I Look Egg-cellent

(Happy belated Easter to those who like punintentional humor)

Top: Wet Seal (1X)

Dress: Forever21 (1X)

Shoes: Paloma Barcelo

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: Boohoo


P.S. It's Fashion

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