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NEW POST: Snap To Attention

One of the most pervasive patterns on the runways and sidewalks seems to be camo (much to my hubby’s dismay), so when I saw this print on such a flattering pant, I knew they’d be a hit. The rough-and-tumble history of the pattern begged to be paired with an edgy top (I’m not so much a “leather and lace” person as a “leather and leather” person), and Mynt1792’s vegan-leather top seemed like a natural fit.

I’m kinda obsessed with this top; the vegan-leather front is buttery soft and feels like the real thing, and the knit back & sleeves allow for more movement and breathability (and the exposed back zipper is a nice touch). 

Whether you’re looking to join a street rumble or just kick it with your girls, this outfit is sure to make everyone stand at attention.

Top: Mynt1792

Pants: GAP

Booties: ZARA

Necklace: Ann Taylor

Sunglasses: ASOS


NEW POST: An Outfit to Tie-Dye For

Maybe it’s my inner hippie, maybe it’s because my mother once wanted to name me “Sunshine” (no, seriously, my name could have been “Sunshine Black”), but whatever the reason I unashamedly adore tie-dye.

Sadly, not everyone has the same fondness for the swirl of shades, and I suppose a big ol’ rainbow of colors can cause some unexpected acid flashbacks, so I think I may have found a solution of how I can rock adult tie-dye.

The secret is in the classic black & white print; by keeping it in such a neutral territory, people are less likely to assume I’m an unwashed Hippie, and more likely to think I’m an unwashed Hipster. (That’s better, right?)

Even though the pants are quite the statement piece, I’ve effortlessly worn them with heels and a blouse at work, sandals and a tank at home, and, as seen in this post, I’ve street-ed them up with chrome wedge sneakers, a spike-shoulder t-shirt, contrast-sleeve jacket, and a jewel & stud encrusted snapback.

Shirt: Forever21 

Jacket: Forever21

Pants: ASOS

Wedge Sneakers: (similar here: Boohoo)

Hat: Boohoo

Sunglasses : Warby Parker


Do you want stylish, edgy, cool plus-size clothes? Of course you do! Then, please, chip in and help save the amazing line CULT of California! Her investors have unwisely backed out, so it’s up to us, the plus-size consumers, to help save this line from going the way of so many other fabulous full-figure collections. Any amount helps, so please donate!

Do you want stylish, edgy, cool plus-size clothes? Of course you do! Then, please, chip in and help save the amazing line CULT of California! Her investors have unwisely backed out, so it’s up to us, the plus-size consumers, to help save this line from going the way of so many other fabulous full-figure collections. Any amount helps, so please donate!

NEW POST: Winter’s Back (Just Kidding!)
So, I’ve been slacking lately, I know…. Unfortunately there’s been some family medical issues, hence the lack of posts. But now I’m back again, and with me I brought winter!
While no, I’m not ushering in any snow (although today was horrifically rainy here in NJ), I am going through my photos that I never had the opportunity to previously post. So, while I might not be in tuned with the seasons… who cares?
I fell in like with this blanket sweater from Old Navy when I first saw it, and then in love once it was super marked down. It’s over-sized, and can easily add bulk to an already bulked up frame, so I cinched it with a colorful woven belt to help bring in my waist.
When worn over a tan turtleneck, it gave me such a 70s, “Love Story" kind of feel (editor’s note: but what do I know, I was born in the 80s), that I just had to pair it with a floppy, wide-brim hat, chunky heeled snakeskin/tan booties, and suede clutch from the 70s, and bell-bottom jeans.

Sweater: Old Navy

Turtleneck: Old Navy

Jeans: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

Bag: Vintage

Belt: Target

Hat: Target

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Booties: Kenneth Cole Reaction


The “Fatkini” Makes An Amazing Comeback With GabiFresh X SwimsuitsForAll

This article was originally written for and appeared on Refinery29. You can view and comment on the original here.

A little over a year ago, the word “fatkini” wasn’t in our lexicon. After one blog entry of the bikini-clad Gabi Gregg from GabiFresh hit the Interwebs, it basically exploded. While GabiFresh was already one of the best-known plus-size blogs out there, her bikini post (where she encouraged other full-figured women to feel confident in their swimsuits) inspired countless plus-sized women to dare to do something they never once considered: wear a two-piece.

So, it is no great surprise that swimsuitsforall jumped on the opportunity to work with Gabi on a capsule collection, and bring her style and confidence to the masses. “Gabi’s ‘fatkini’ stories shed light on the misconceptions about women, body image, and swimwear,” said Moshe Laniado, president and CEO of swimsuitsforall. “The idea that all women can look amazing in a great swimsuit is what swimsuitsforall is about,” he continued. “Gabi’s story tore down old notions that sexy swimsuits are only for Sports Illustrated models.”

And truth be told, there are many women, regardless of size, who would rather go to the dentist or do their taxes than go shopping for a swimsuit. Gabi totally felt their angst. “I think swimsuit shopping can be horrendous if you’re going to stores that don’t offer your size, but finding a stylish option that fits you well can actually make you feel great! It can be tough to find on-trend bathing suits in plus sizes, and I hope this collection helps.”

So, toss out your old, muumuu-ish, giant Hawaiian-flower-printed, saggy swimdress, and slip your curves into one of Gabi’s youthful and on-trend designs. From acid-bright neon shades to galaxy-print bikinis that would make Galileo jealous, GabiFresh x swimsuitsforall has everything to fulfill your “fatkini” sartorial dreams.

GabiFresh for swimsuitsforall will be available beginning May 15, in sizes 10 through 24 and priced from $49 to $99.

Photo: Courtesy of Lydia Hudgens


NEW POST: I Look Egg-cellent

(Happy belated Easter to those who like punintentional humor)

While we’re not religious, I do visit my in-laws for Easter. For us, it’s just an excuse to go out to eat, and for me, it’s an excuse to dress up a bit.

When most people think of Easter, they think of pastels, but personally I’m not much of a pastel fan. Being that I’m so white I’m practically translucent, pastels always seem to make me look sickly and washed out.

So, I threw on a super-soft high-low jersey dress, and cinched in my waist with a ladylike meets tomboy lace-trimmed denim blouse. The denim is so soft and the unexpected swath of lace along the back is an unexpected accent to the classic denim shirt.

And for me, so much of an outfit is about the accessories. I Eastered up (that’s a thing, right?) my outfit with pearl encrusted sunglasses, summer-esq white espadrille sandals, and a perfectly woven wicker purse- a fresh take on the typical Easter basket.

Top: Wet Seal (1X)

Dress: Forever21 (1X)

Shoes: Paloma Barcelo

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: Boohoo


Get Grungy.

Being that I grew up in the 90s (I was an 80s baby), I got a full dose of 90s style right in my formative years. I’m talking burgundy corduroy overalls, fuzzy wizard-sleeve bell-neck sweaters (I had it in 2 colors!), holographic-ish daisy print baby tees (bought at Contempo Casuals, of course), platform flip-flops, JNCO jeans… the works!

But the one thing I never really wore was plaid. Oh, I imagine some might have snuck in there (I use to be a Curler- the sport- and plaid runs rampant in Curling clubs) but I certainly wasn’t “grunge” by any means.

So, am I making up for lost time now? Perhaps… I find myself drawn to plaid tops and a hell of a lot of black clothes lately, but I’m not about to jump in my Delorean and head back 20 years (omg, the 90s were TWENTY (plus or minus) YEARS AGO!?) to douse myself in H2T 90s nostalgia.

So, while I might be slipping a little grunge into my style now and then, don’t expect me to go full 90s. Never go full 90s.

Dress: ASOS Curve (size 14)

Coat: ASOS (size 14)

Shirt: Old Navy (Size XXL) (Similar here)

Booties: Kenneth Cole (Similar here)

Bag: Sam Edelman


P.S. It's Fashion

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