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NEW POST: The Goddess of Comfort in Rachel Pally

We all have those mornings… you’re soooo comfy in your pajamas, but you have to go outside and you really don’t want to look like a total schlub. So what’s a girl to do? Why, turn to designer Rachel Pally, of course!

Her amazing, super soft jersey dresses are the embodiment of comfy-chic (and the chic is actually chic, not some yoga pant BS)! With the vibrant blue shade, flattering wrap style (I try to fight off wrap dresses, but we can all admit they’re super figure flattering), and unbelievably soft fabric, it’s the absolute perfect summertime dress. You can pair it with flats, or like I did (since the length is a little long) wear high wedge sandals.

Maxi Dress: Rachel Pally White Label Jovi Maxi Dress

Platform Wedges: Paloma Barcelo

Sunglasses: Prada

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

This dress was provided as a gift and no review was requested- it’s just that good.


Get Grungy.

Being that I grew up in the 90s (I was an 80s baby), I got a full dose of 90s style right in my formative years. I’m talking burgundy corduroy overalls, fuzzy wizard-sleeve bell-neck sweaters (I had it in 2 colors!), holographic-ish daisy print baby tees (bought at Contempo Casuals, of course), platform flip-flops, JNCO jeans… the works!

But the one thing I never really wore was plaid. Oh, I imagine some might have snuck in there (I use to be a Curler- the sport- and plaid runs rampant in Curling clubs) but I certainly wasn’t “grunge” by any means.

So, am I making up for lost time now? Perhaps… I find myself drawn to plaid tops and a hell of a lot of black clothes lately, but I’m not about to jump in my Delorean and head back 20 years (omg, the 90s were TWENTY (plus or minus) YEARS AGO!?) to douse myself in H2T 90s nostalgia.

So, while I might be slipping a little grunge into my style now and then, don’t expect me to go full 90s. Never go full 90s.

Dress: ASOS Curve (size 14)

Coat: ASOS (size 14)

Shirt: Old Navy (Size XXL) (Similar here)

Booties: Kenneth Cole (Similar here)

Bag: Sam Edelman


They say less is more (I usually feel that more is more, but I digress…), so this is my attempt to experience how less exactly is more… While I pared down my typical piles of bangles and rings, and trekked outside sans shoes (Shoeless! What?), I did accessorize my outfit with *ahem* two big accessories…

So what do you think? Is less really more? Or do you prefer my jumbles of jewels, funky footwear and lotsa layers? 

Dress: Forever21+ (Size XL)

Sunglasses: Five Below

(Also, sorry about the lack of outfit posting; as awesome as Fashion Week is, it REALLY takes it out of you!)



Anonymous asked: I'm infatuated with the dress you're wearing in the June 30th post. Where did you get it?

It’s actually from Forever21 +. It’s a maxi dress in size XL. (Look for it in an upcoming outfit post!)



It is no secret that I am a big fan of leopard print. (And neon, and polka dots, and floral…). One of my favorite dresses is this H&M leopard print dress; it’s comfy, can be dressed up or down, and has a neutral color pallet so it isn’t super over-whelming even though I’m wearing head-to-toe (or shoulder-to-ankle) leopard print.

I’ve been obsessed with my multi-layered chain/collar necklace since the day I bought it, and I’ve been wearing it as often as possible. There is a certain S&M/slave glamour aspect to it  (and, of course, I love my jewelery dangerous), and I felt it complemented the aggressiveness of my jungle-ish dress. 

I almost never wear flats in my outfit posts (have I actually ever worn flats in a post?), and I’m infatuated with my new rose gold sandals. I love rose gold, and I haven’t seen many shoes that have rose gold accents on them, so when I came across these flats (they also come as heels!) I had to have them!

I guess even in flats I’m fierce!

Dress: H&M (Size L)

Sandals: Halston for Bakers (Size 9)

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Sunglasses: Forever21


P.S. It's Fashion

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