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If there’s one thing anyone can accuse me of, it’s having too many shoes… Oh, but how can you have too many, I suppose….

While I have easily over 100 pairs of shoes, I have attempted to whittle down my collection to share with you my absolute current favorites. 

The first shoe I’m sharing is one of my newest: Black suede Jeffery Campbell Night Walk (which can be bought at Solestruck or Nasty Gal).

While they appear to be impossible to function in, I can easily walk around my apartment and outside without stumbling or falling. (I haven’t braved stairs yet). They’re very comfy, as the mary-jane strap helps secure them to your feet, and the weighted platform allows them to feel the same way a normal wedge would.

They have an extremely edgy look to them; perfect for a more avant-garde ensemble, or even to add a surprise pop to an otherwise calm outfit. And they also have a certain level of naughtiness to them… maybe wearing them the next time you get frisky might keep things interesting.

Stay tuned… more shoes coming soon…

(Source: psfashion)


Black is one of my favorite colors. Not only is it slimming and goes with anything, it’s also my last name.

Black is also the color of choice within the fashion industry. Every fashion season you can look out in the crowd and witness a sea of black.

This outfit takes on two current trends- crop tops & neon. Crop tops can be tough for the plus-size form, but not impossible to wear. And many people are scared of neon, so adding pops of bright to an otherwise dark outfit is a great way to ease into the trend without belly-flopping in.

I layered the eagle print crop top over a black tank dress and topped it off with a black motorcycle jacket. A knit neon pink beanie and neon yellow mini satchel add a level of interest to the noir style, and the heelless mary jane wedges are an edgy surprise.

The arm/finger party is attended by some of my favorite pieces- my Brooklyn Bridge ring by Noir is a total attention getter- people feel the need to stop me on the street to ask me about it whether it’s their own personal style or not. I’m also obsessed with skulls & spikes, so it’s common to see them taking up residence on my wrist. The rose gold watch was a wonderful present from the hubs- not only is it wonderfully oversized, but rose gold is very OTM (of the moment).

Dress: H&M

Crop Top: Forever 21

Jacket: Mirage

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Hat: Topshop

Bag: Street Level

Accessories: Noir, H&M, Vintage, Forever21, Street Vendors

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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