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Happy Halloween Everyone!

(I know I’m late, but unfortunately I was affected by hurricane Sandy and was without power for much too long.) Fortunately, I was able to attend a friend’s party the weekend before, so I was able to break out my Peg Bundy costume!




It is no secret that I am a big fan of leopard print. (And neon, and polka dots, and floral…). One of my favorite dresses is this H&M leopard print dress; it’s comfy, can be dressed up or down, and has a neutral color pallet so it isn’t super over-whelming even though I’m wearing head-to-toe (or shoulder-to-ankle) leopard print.

I’ve been obsessed with my multi-layered chain/collar necklace since the day I bought it, and I’ve been wearing it as often as possible. There is a certain S&M/slave glamour aspect to it  (and, of course, I love my jewelery dangerous), and I felt it complemented the aggressiveness of my jungle-ish dress. 

I almost never wear flats in my outfit posts (have I actually ever worn flats in a post?), and I’m infatuated with my new rose gold sandals. I love rose gold, and I haven’t seen many shoes that have rose gold accents on them, so when I came across these flats (they also come as heels!) I had to have them!

I guess even in flats I’m fierce!

Dress: H&M (Size L)

Sandals: Halston for Bakers (Size 9)

Necklace: Charming Charlie

Sunglasses: Forever21


You’re gonna poke your eye out!

Alright, so the original quote actually says “shoot,” but seriously, potato, potato. (Boy, does that sound better when you say it out loud…)

Either way, I prefer my jewelry dangerous. Whether that means it could double as a weapon or it just looks intimidating, each spiked necklace or Brooklyn Bridge ring gives me a touch of edge that might otherwise be missing from my outfit.

I wore this outfit to two events last Thursday; the Gc Timepiece preview & the Demi Monde grand opening party. I’m obviously a big fan of leopard print, so when I’m in a rush I typically grab for the pattern in my packed closet. This tunic/dress is actually from the straight size section of Forever21, which shows you how it’s important to always try things on.

The tunic/dress needed a belt to give it shape and highlight my hourglass figure. I love how neon shades pair with the neutral of the leopard print, and while I typically don’t do the whole matchy-matchy of the same shade in a cardigan & belt, it was the easiest pairing for a rush.

The black leggings & platform wedges helped ground the outfit, and prevent it from becoming too over-the-top. …although, who am I really kidding? Most of my outfits are over-the-top.

Dress: Forever21 (size L)

Leggings: Forever21 (size 2X)

Cardigan: Norma Kamali for Walmart (size L)

Shoes: Easy Pickins (Size 9)

Belt: Target (Size L)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Necklace: Necessary Clothing



Hi-Lo there everybody!

I’m a big fan of clothes that can do double-duty, and I’m a strong believer in finding new ways to wear clothing you already own. You can’t afford to get that new short leopard print skirt but you already own a long leopard print skirt? You can make your clothes work for you.

I’ve had this mid-calf length leopard print skirt from Forever21 for a while. I like the subdued color on an otherwise lively print. It elevates the maturity of the skirt without making it matronly. However, a mid-calf length can be difficult to pull off. Not exactly as lengthening as a maxi, and not nearly as showy as a knee-length or mini skirt. Leaving it down gives the outfit a slightly Rockabilly style, and offers more coverage of course for those bad leg days. (We’ve all been there).

Wanting a more youthful, fun & easy look, I raised the hemline by folding the skirt in half and tucking it into the waistband, which I then secured by adding a belt. The jewel-dotted grey t-shirt helps keep the tonal theme going, and it makes my bazungas look awesome.

The shoes were a have-to-have purchase from Marshalls; they were marked way down (only $25) and I feel like I have an update of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. She may have knocked them together in hopes of getting home… I hope mine bring me to the mall.

Skirt: Forever21 (size L)

Shirt: Forever21 (size L)

Shoes: Dolce Vita (size 9.5)

Sunglasses: Forever21

Belt: Target (size L)



Clash, don’t match! (Okay, sometimes I like to match, but only prints and patterns and colors and stuff…)

I had been searching for a vivid floral print skirt for a while now, and I happened upon this amazing number in the racks in H&M. It has an exposed zipper running up the back of it, which adds a bit of edge to the skirt.

While the sheer leopard print button-down top is a clashing print, its muted tone prevents it from tackily clashing, and allows it to blendily clash. (I’m tired & I’m making up my own words now, deal with it.)

I LOVE D.I.Y. and any time I see something I like but can’t afford I always think “Can I make that myself?” My necklace was inspired by the phenomenal jewelry designer Tom Binns; I bought a cheap-o crystal necklace and painted it with neon nailpolish (D.I.Y. to be shown in a later post). My shoes were inspired by spiky things… I love studs & spikes, and there just aren’t enough shoes on the market that fit that bill (that aren’t completely out of world price-wise), so fuck it, I made my own!

I encourage you all- Clash prints & make things yourself!

Top: Old Navy

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Kohl’s (But spiked by me)

Necklace: Forever21 (Painted with neon colors by me)

Make-up by my amazing friend Christina

(Source: psfashion)


I don’t purr, I ROAR! When I walk into a room everyone takes notice. There is so much glam in me it overflows.

Again, like my all-over leopard print outfit, I cannot keep my Jerseyness bottled inside all the time, and sometimes it explodes out like an exorcism.

Except for my practically translucent pale skin (which most NJers would not be caught dead looking like), the mix of tiger (or zebra, I can never tell the difference on clothes), snake and leopard prints is a perfect mixture of animal prints. Even though they can be clashing prints, they work together because they’re in a similar color family.

The dress accentuates my curves and *ahem* shows off my assets- I can almost here the beat of the drum as I strut by. This dress is a killer.  I may seem soft, but Kitty’s got claws…

Dress: Fashion to Figure

Belt: Calvin Klein

Heels: Steve Madden

Clutch: Pat Field

(Source: psfashion)


Whoever said thick women can’t wear stripes did NOT know what they were talking about, and I’m living proof they were wrong.

Now, I’ve worn a striped dress before (but with thin black & white stripes), but with this Spring-hued outfit I decided to break up the stripes with a tonal solid skirt. And while I encourage all full-figured women to wear stripes, skinny jeans, and any other trend they’ve ever been told they can’t pull off, I purposely kept the stripes to my top half to play with my proportions.

By keeping the pencil skirt solid and belting the over-sized striped top I was able to define my shape and not turn my curves into blurves. (I’m sorry my writing sucks today, I have a headcold and there is so much pressure in my face I keep thinking my eyes might explode.)

I love mixing prints, so with this outfit I matched leopard print heels to a skinny leopard print wrap belt. By using a natural shaded leopard print, I was able to pick up the tan color in the striped top, which helps the prints mix well and not painfully clash. (And for the record, I am not wearing white tights in these pictures, I am seriously just that pale.)

Top: Cotton On

Skirt: Target

Belt: Michael Kors

Shoes: Steve Madden

Cuff: Forever21



Being from New Jersey, it’s not unusual to see women strutting their stuff covered in leopard print. However, you don’t typically witness them in head to toe leopard print…. until now.

Whether it’s my NJ status, or just my feline nature, I cannot lie- I adore leopard print. It’s flattering, adds a level of interest to an otherwise tame outfit, and can be found in every color of the rainbow.

You’ll feel like a sex kitten in leopard print (pun intended), and it’s perfect for both day & night (and even for work). You can easily layer a leopard print button-down under a solid colored sweater, or top off a pencil skirt with a leopard print sweater. Or, if you work in a more trendy office, pair leopard print pants with patent leather black heels, a white button down and black blazer.

Shirt: Old Navy

Sweater: Old Navy

Pants: Forever21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Street vendor on St. Marks

Headband: Forever21

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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