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I can rock (and roll) your world.

Skulls. Glitter. Spikes. Leather. Acid Wash. Knee-High Boots. What more do you need for a rock & roll inspired look? I may not have any real musical talent, but my look tells you “I’m with the band.”

I could care less if anyone thinks skulls (or glitter) is “over.” I’m a big sugar skull fan, and when I saw this shirt in the box from Torrid I was beyond excited to wear it. It just felt natural to pair it with the stiletto skinny Torrid jeans (sexy ankle zip not visible) and their knee-high button-up high-heel boots. (Thankfully those buttons are just for show & there’s an easy zip on the side!)

Obviously I had to don a rough-and-tumble motorcycle leather jacket and every piece of spiked jewelery that I own (kidding, I own more spiked pieces than what I’m wearing here). My claw ring adds just the right touch of fear to any that might cross my path late at night. Nothing like wearing jewelry that might potentially injure yourself (or someone else) at some point in the night…

Shirt: Torrid (Size 1)

Jeans: Torrid (Size 20)

Boots: Torrid (Size 9)

Leather Jacket: Mirage (Size L)

Claw Ring: Ricky’s

Necklace: H&M

Right Wrist: Spike bracelets from H&M and Vendor at NJFFFW

Left Wrist: Various bracelets from Electric Picks

Spiked Hoops: Forever21



Just some more shoes from Factory’s summer market! 

I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter s….

Could it be studs? Spikes? Sexiness? Or…shoes?

With stud embellished loafers, heels and bags it’s safe to say the stud/spike trend has not jumped the shark. Betsey Johnson gave another fabulous offering through the form of a leopard print platform bootie with a stud covered back bow- mixing in a hard edgy touch to the otherwise girly look.

And Ruthie Davis continued to impress with her sparkly, glittery flats and sky-high platforms! Some of her shoes were so fun & girly that I almost mistook them to be Betsey Johnson’s!

Oh shoes… I do love you.

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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