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NEW POST: Outta This World!

You want to know how to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body.



Bikini, two-piece, fatkini… what’s in a name?

Let’s forget about all the “fatkini” drama, and get right to the point of this post; this is a beautiful, edgy, awesome swimsuit and it’s made for plus-size women by a plus-size woman!

From the bright, vibrant colors and the trendy galaxy print to the high-waist mesh-insert bottoms and unique strap details, I love everything about it. In a perfect world it would also have underwire to help support ma girls, but the soft cup is supportive enough that I’m not going all National Geographic with it.

Whether I’m lounging at the pool or getting all sandy at the beach, you best believe I’ll be rocking this swimsuit all summer long!

Bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsuitsforall (Sorry, they’re sold out of this style!)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

PREVIEW: Outta This World!
Bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsuitsforall (Sorry, they’re sold out of this style!)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

(and yes, that’s blue zinc on my nose!)

PREVIEW: Outta This World!

Bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsuitsforall (Sorry, they’re sold out of this style!)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

(and yes, that’s blue zinc on my nose!)


Sail Into Summer With These Pool-Perfect Plus-Size Swimsuits

(This article originally appeared on Refinery29. You can view the original here.)

With Memorial Day just behind us, we’re calling it: It’s officially summer! Some areas have hit beach-bound temps already, and some, like NYC, are counting down the seconds until we can jump on the jitney to the Hamptons (or at least spread out a towel in McCarren Park). But, regardless of what your momentary climate may be, you’ve got to come to terms that it’s swimsuit season.

Whether you want to stay classic in black, decorate your body with blossoms, splash back to the past, make a pattern play, or show it off in a curve-bearing bikini, we’ve found the perfect piece to keep you swimming in compliments all summer long.

Retro – There’s a reason certain styles make a comeback; they’re just too good to be kept to one generation! Channel your inner bathing beauty in one of these retro-styled suits and you’re sure to be the bee’s knees.


ASOS CURVE Exclusive Swimsuit with Spot Contrast, $42.43, available at ASOS.


Black Cat Bikinis Skipper Underwire Top, $75, available at Black Cat Bikinis; High-waist bikini bottom, $50, available at Black Cat Bikinis.


Esther Williams Fruity Suity One Piece, $89.99, available at Modcloth.

Bikini – They say when you’ve got it, flaunt it, and you’ve got plenty to flaunt. So, what better way that to display your goodies than in a skimpy (or not-so-skimpy) bikini?


 Swimsuits For All Swim Sexy White Halter Bikini, $68, available at Swimsuits For All.


Rue 107 Lovebug Bandeau Bikini Top, $20, available at Rue 107; High Waist Bikini Bottom, $50, available at Rue 107.


Sao Paulo High-Waisted Underwire Bikini Top, $66.50, available at Monif C; Sao Paulo High-Waisted Underwire Bikini Bottom, $56, available at Monif C.


Sea By Melissa Odabash Bikini Set, $64, available at Simply Be.

Floral – Leave the big ol’ hibiscus prints in the past; this season the garden is filled with a bunch of other blooms to pick. From small, crochet flowers to a jungle of tropical fronds, the new take on floral has never been so fresh.


Target Women’s Plus-Size X-BackTankini Swim Top, $29.99, available at Target; Target Women’s Plus-Size X-Back Reversible Swim Bottom, $22.99, available at Target.


Longitude Plus Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit, $109, available at Lord & Taylor.


Land’s End Seaside Gardens Watercolor Floral Balconette Bikini Top, $74, available at Land’s End.
Land’s End Seaside Gardens Watercolor Floral Balconette Bikini Bottom, $54, available at Land’s End.

Black – We all know the LBD is so chic and versatile, so it’s no surprise that level of classic style translates into the LBS. But don’t worry about being boring; these black suits are anything but basic!


Swim Sexy Black Fringe Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit, $54.40, available at Sonsi.


Lane Bryant Barcelona maillot by Miraclesuit, $158, available at Lane Bryant.


Miraclesuit Oceanus One-Piece Swimsuit, $148, available at Bare Necessities.

Printed – Who are we kidding? Subtlety is so not your style. Fortunately, stores are filled with print-tastic swimsuits that will make sure you’re the hottest thing on the beach!


Dorothy Perkins Amalfi bandeau swimsuit, $45, available at Dorothy Perkins.


Forever 21 Abstract Halter Swimsuit, $27.80, available at Forever 21.


Evans Tribal Twist Swimsuit, $49.50, available at Evans.


Video: Plus-Size Two-Piece 'Fatkini' Flies Off Store Shelves

Check out the video clip of GabiFresh & me on Good Morning America!


I’m sure a lot of you may have seen this fabulous galaxy bikini that was designed by GabiFresh for swimsuitsforall, but I had to post this again because… I’m going to be on a segment about it tomorrow at 8:20 am on Good Morning America!!

I’ve obviously posted pictures of myself in a bikini on my blog, but oy, I’m going to be on national TV for the whole world to see! Once upon a time, I never would have been willing to even wear a two-piece, let alone allow myself to be filmed in one for TV…. so for all of you who feel self-conscious (regardless of your size), keep working at it; you can learn to love your body too!

Please tune in tomorrow & you can see the entire segment!

(Sorry for the grainy photos, they were taken on my husband’s iPhone!)

I probably should have waited until morning, but I’m just so excited about my GabiFresh X Swimsuitsforall Galaxy bikini, I just HAD to share! What do you think of it?

I probably should have waited until morning, but I’m just so excited about my GabiFresh X Swimsuitsforall Galaxy bikini, I just HAD to share! What do you think of it?


The Other F Word: Why Are We Still Uncomfortable With The Word “Fat”?

This article was originally written for and appeared on Refinery29. You can view and comment on the original here:

When I wrote about Gabi Gregg’s capsule collection for swimsuitsforall just a couple weeks ago, I honestly was not expecting the level of ire that came with using the term “Fatkini,” a term coined by Gregg herself.

You see, I’m fat. You can call me plus-size, curvy, voluptuous, or full-figured, and they’re all accurate descriptions of my body shape. And so is fat. That word once had a huge negative connotation behind it to me, and I’ve shed tears over being called “fat,” so I can understand the anguish that can come with such a tiny word. But I have embraced my body, my weight, my size. I’m active and I eat a plant-based diet; I know I’m healthy, and no amount of pounds is going to tell me otherwise. This is my body, and I accept it as such. So, I no longer view “fat” as an insult — to me, it’s become more of a descriptor word (like skinny, tall, short), and nothing more. But not everyone views “fat” the same way.

The most vocal of our readers jumped to the attack, or the defense, on Refinery29’s Facebook page. With comments running the gamut from, “That is the most horrible thing you could have said,” to, “My fat ass will look fabulous in one of those bikinis,” it was clear that “fat” can bring up some heavy feelings.

While the body-acceptance movement has encouraged us to embrace the word fat, the feelings within the plus-size community are still mixed. There are those who accept the word at face value, like blogger Gabi Gregg and Cult of California designer, Jen Wilder. “I learned about women reclaiming the word eight years ago and haven’t looked back since — it changed my life,” Gregg explained. “Realizing that I could be simultaneously happy, beautiful, AND fat was definitely a turning point in my life. I still strive for health, but I realize that my health is between me and my doctors, not strangers on the Internet or on the street, and it isn’t determined by a specific size.” Cult of California designer Jen Wilder shares Gregg’s sentiments. “It’s true I am FAT. I cannot deny that. But I am NOT any of the things you are really calling me, which are stupid, lazy, slow, outcast, etc. It’s not the word; it’s what they MEAN when they say it!”

But not everyone is eager to start calling themselves fat. “The word ‘fat’ has negative connotations, and is never used to compliment. I prefer being called curvy, full-figured, or plus-sized,” explained plus-size model Katherine Roll. “Plus means ‘in addition to’ and therefore, simply defines my size as additional sexiness added to the straight-sized woman!” Aimee Cheshire, founder and CEO of Madison Plus Select, can see both sides of the spectrum. “I personally do not use the word ‘fat,’ not on or in my personal life. I have too many sad memories associated with the word. I do appreciate that the plus-size blogger community wants to reclaim the word back, and more power to them. While I understand why, and I truly love what they are doing, it just won’t find a place in my vocabulary. I have too many other battles to fight.”

In a society where we’re striving for body acceptance, is supporting “fat” a step in the right direction? Whether you’re embracing the word, appalled by its usage, view it just as a descriptor, or feel altogether something else about it, we want to know. What does fat mean to you?

Photo: Courtesy of Lydia Hudgens


The “Fatkini” Makes An Amazing Comeback With GabiFresh X SwimsuitsForAll

This article was originally written for and appeared on Refinery29. You can view and comment on the original here.

A little over a year ago, the word “fatkini” wasn’t in our lexicon. After one blog entry of the bikini-clad Gabi Gregg from GabiFresh hit the Interwebs, it basically exploded. While GabiFresh was already one of the best-known plus-size blogs out there, her bikini post (where she encouraged other full-figured women to feel confident in their swimsuits) inspired countless plus-sized women to dare to do something they never once considered: wear a two-piece.

So, it is no great surprise that swimsuitsforall jumped on the opportunity to work with Gabi on a capsule collection, and bring her style and confidence to the masses. “Gabi’s ‘fatkini’ stories shed light on the misconceptions about women, body image, and swimwear,” said Moshe Laniado, president and CEO of swimsuitsforall. “The idea that all women can look amazing in a great swimsuit is what swimsuitsforall is about,” he continued. “Gabi’s story tore down old notions that sexy swimsuits are only for Sports Illustrated models.”

And truth be told, there are many women, regardless of size, who would rather go to the dentist or do their taxes than go shopping for a swimsuit. Gabi totally felt their angst. “I think swimsuit shopping can be horrendous if you’re going to stores that don’t offer your size, but finding a stylish option that fits you well can actually make you feel great! It can be tough to find on-trend bathing suits in plus sizes, and I hope this collection helps.”

So, toss out your old, muumuu-ish, giant Hawaiian-flower-printed, saggy swimdress, and slip your curves into one of Gabi’s youthful and on-trend designs. From acid-bright neon shades to galaxy-print bikinis that would make Galileo jealous, GabiFresh x swimsuitsforall has everything to fulfill your “fatkini” sartorial dreams.

GabiFresh for swimsuitsforall will be available beginning May 15, in sizes 10 through 24 and priced from $49 to $99.

Photo: Courtesy of Lydia Hudgens


You ever find something so amazing that you can’t wait to tell everyone about it? Well, the Elomi swim line is one of those things!

Made specifically for full figured women, Elomi understands the curves of a woman’s body and crafts their swimsuits and lingerie to compliment your shape, not fight it.

While I was already a big fan of Elomi's products (the black bra I'm wearing in my “after" bra picture is by them), I was thrilled to see they had expanded into swim. And they didn’t just dip a toe, they jumped right in, with an amazing three-piece swim system, and most importantly, the swim bra.

The swim bra fits (and is sized) just like a regular bra. It’s an amazing foundation for any swim look, allowing you to wear it as a bikini top or layer it under a tankini, one-piece or similar swim top.

Most swimsuits (straight & plus-sized) don’t offer enough support, and the larger your breasts are, the more support you need in your swimwear. Now you have a promise of the lift and comfort you need, in a versatile layer-able style. 

The line comes with two different colored swim bras, three different styled bottoms (high-waist, mid-waist and skirted), and a few different patterned & styled tankinis (ruched, flared, solid & abstract). So, depending on your personal style & how much coverage you desire, you can create your perfect swimsuit!

I just don’t recommend swimming with a pony hair belt on.

Check out more plus-size swim options from BarePlus! (Also, their Friends & Family sale is going on right now & you can save 25% on Elomi swim & other amazing products!)

Swim Bra: Elomi

Swim Bottom: Elomi

Tankini: Elomi

Belt: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: St. Marks Street Vendor


P.S. It's Fashion

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