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You’re All Beautiful

I haven’t always been as confident as I am now, but I find that surrounding yourself with people who are supportive is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I use to be much smaller, but I was still always bigger than my girlfriends. I made a point to let them all know that I was not willing to hear their complaints of how fat they were day in & day out. I won’t give people the compliment they’re fishing for, nor will I put myself down to make them feel better.

Once I started focusing on the positive & spending time with more positive people I found that my confidence started increasing on its own.

Try to find something you like about yourself every day & compliment yourself. You’re a beautiful person. <3



A huge snowstorm hit New Jersey today, and it was important to stay not only stylish, but warm and dry. So although I don’t abhor puffy jackets, having a heavy-duty coat that doesn’t turn you into the stay-puff man while still keeping you nice and toasty is crucial to have in your closet. A thicker anorak with a fur lined hood (faux fur this time!) that can be cinched at the waist is the perfect way to show off your figure, even with multiple layers underneath. I added a brown men’s belt to define my waist even further.

Waterproof boots are the next staple in your stay warm wear. Many women with big calves (including myself) have trouble finding stylish tall boots, but there is an answer to your prayer. Lace-up boots are the perfect way to keep your calves under wraps. And with the faux fur cuff, it keeps the fur theme going in the outfit.

I layered (layering is key!) a classic button down (also seen here) under a waffle-knit wide-neck sweater. Skinny black jeans will not only hide the water if you decide to make a snow angel, but will also keep your legs looking long if they’re tucked into tonal shade boots. And a knit hat is a smart choice when you have the hood off. It prevents the blinder effect that a hood creates, and keeps your hair from flying around.

Coat: H&M

Pants: Avenue

Boots: Timberland

Sweater: Kohl’s

Button down: YSL for Men

Belt: Father-in-law

Hat: Target

Dog: Gracie


Coming Attractions

What to look forward to in this coming week: B & W, Day-to-Night dressing, Black & Neon, What To Do For The Blues & Doggy Style.


P.S. It's Fashion

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