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I went to the American Rag event at W.I.P. on Tuesday night where I was able to meet their new “It Girl,” Lenay Dunn. With her fresh-faced Midwest looks and sweet, bubbly personality, she was a far cry from the typical “It Girl” that’s plastered all over blogs with scraggly hair, a scowl and last night’s makeup smeared on her face. Lenay offered a charming and unjaded take on her thoughts about American Rag, Macy’s, fashion and music.

“Well, I’m American Rag’s new It Girl! It was cool,” she continued, “Macy’s reached out to me and said ‘We love the way you dress, the way you style yourself, we know you’re into music and fashion and we think you’d be great to represent our brand!’ And I was like wow thanks! Like, of course! It’s a partnership made in heaven, I love it!”

Not only will Lenay wear American Rag on her MTV show, 10 on Top, she will also be clad in American Rag as she reports from various shows and events this summer, such as Bamboozle, SXSW and Warped Tour. She will also be blogging for, the online American Rag Magazine.

P.S. American Rag also has a plus size line, American Rag Plus (which is where my awesome colored jeans are from!), that is available in Macy’s stores and online at: American Rag Plus

Lenay is wearing all American Rag.

I’m wearing:

Jeans: American Rag Plus

Top: Necessary Clothing

Shoes: Steve Madden

Belt: Target

Necklace: Forever21

Ring: Noir

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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