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Just a little behind the scenes footage for you all….

Factory has the closet of my dreams (filled with all the clothes and accessories of my dreams), and I couldn’t not share the wonderment! 

Zomg shoez.

…please excuse the picture of me holding a tiny neon orange rose gold spiked Ruthie Davis bag… I couldn’t help myself.

(Source: psfashion)


Wedges, neon & platforms, oh my!

Amazing Betsey Johnson shoes from Factory PR’s summer market!

Don’t you want every pair?!

(Source: psfashion)


I finally got my camera back from my assistant, so now I can share a few less blurry more pristine images from Factory PR’s summer market!

Oh the colors, the colors!! 

(Source: psfashion)


I stopped by Factory PR last night to check out their Summer 2012 Market, and I now cannot wait for summer!

While I loved all the brands on display, unfortunately most of the clothes would not fit a plus size frame (although they were all beautiful, like the red Black Halo dress pictured), so I focused on accessories. (Because a bag can fit any shape- thick or thin)!

The Betsey Johnson purses & shoes were whimsical, as expected- with adorable polka dot embellishments on the leather bags, as well as a wide variety of shoe styles to fit every current trend. While I don’t have a picture, (due to leaving my camera with my assistant) my favorites were the flat leather sandals that had strips of neon woven through the multiple straps. They’d be perfect with any outfit, and I know they’ll be a big seller come summer.

Steve Madden also had a strong shoe showing- with pops of brights, stripes and blanket prints scattered over the shoes. Expect wedges to be very popular come summer.

Bar III (available at Macy’s) always has great, reasonably priced options in everything from dresses to jewelry (they also offer men’s and home goods), and summer will be no different. With bright baubles and edgy crystal studded pieces, Bar III continues to prove that they’re a go-to counter stop during any Macy’s visit.

And, without a doubt, Ruthie Davis has quickly become my favorite brand to drool over. While I have never worn any of her shoes, I would love to fill the shelves of my closet with her higher than high heels, rose gold spiked platforms and acid bright neon wedges. Now, if only someone could afford to buy them for me….

(Source: psfashion)


Max Irons brings a fresh and exciting combination of edge and elegance to the I·N·C collection. His thoughtful intelligence and sharp style are captured in a series of still images, shot by Walter Chin and styled by Bill Mullen that will resonate with the I·N·C customer and appear in the 631 Macy’s stores that carry the collection and online at The campaign also includes a short video of the actor talking about personal style and self-expression, created by Zack Resnicoff of Impressionista Films.

I·N·C International Concepts is available only at Macy’s.

(Source: psfashion)


P.S. It's Fashion

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