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NEW POST: This Dress Is The Shirt

 Sometimes I love to live in edgy, on-trend styles that would stand out like a sore thumb in a typical suburb. I envision my flame-red hair scaring the soccer moms, and my spiky ensembles snagging head-turns and eye-rolls. I don’t care if a style is traditionally “flattering” or not; I don’t care if something makes me look thinner or thicker. And I like it. I like my edge.

But sometimes the mood strikes me, and I find my eyes wandering… to 50s silhouettes, nipped-in waists, a level of modesty, something… “flattering.” 

So on those days there’s only a few brands I’d considering wearing, and one of my favorites is IGIGI. Filled with classic, timeless styles, IGIGI is perfect for those days you want to dress up and for days when you don’t know what to wear, because no matter what, you’re going to look polished and put together.

I was going for a bit of a classically vintage vibe, so I paired my IGIGI shirtdress with sleek patent-leather pumps, a vintage straw purse (nabbed at the Brooklyn Flea) and a modern-day twist on  cat-eye sunglasses. I cinched in my waist with one of my favorite belts, making my ensemble even more figure-flattering.

Now that I’ve shared my secret with you, tell me—what’s your favorite way to pull-together a quick, polished look?

Dress: c/o IGIGI

Shoes: Amalfi by Rangoni

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: c/o BCBG

Necklace: nOir

Bracelet: Kate Spade “Bridesmaid” 

Belt: Target

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