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I’m just dotty about fashion…

While clashing (while not really clashing) patterns are in right now, I decided to mix similar patterns (a more subtle take on what I did here) for an all over dotty outfit.

The best thing to remember when using patterns- the smaller the print, the smaller those areas will look, the larger the print, the larger those areas will look. So with that in mind, I paired a white and navy tiny polka dot print mini skirt with a white and navy large polka dot sweater. The bow belt helped cinch my waist while simultaneously creating a visual line to divide up the spots, thus enhancing my curves instead of turning me into a beach ball.

And, with the classic blue and white coloring, it was all too easy to slip on some red platform heels (previously seen here) that perfectly matched my hair and lips. Just call me Miz America.

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Target

Sunglasses: Forever21

Heels: Target

Belt: Forever21

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P.S. It's Fashion

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