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NEW POST: Outta This World!

You want to know how to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body.



Bikini, two-piece, fatkini… what’s in a name?

Let’s forget about all the “fatkini” drama, and get right to the point of this post; this is a beautiful, edgy, awesome swimsuit and it’s made for plus-size women by a plus-size woman!

From the bright, vibrant colors and the trendy galaxy print to the high-waist mesh-insert bottoms and unique strap details, I love everything about it. In a perfect world it would also have underwire to help support ma girls, but the soft cup is supportive enough that I’m not going all National Geographic with it.

Whether I’m lounging at the pool or getting all sandy at the beach, you best believe I’ll be rocking this swimsuit all summer long!

Bikini: Gabifresh X Swimsuitsforall (Sorry, they’re sold out of this style!)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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    In that article about this fatkini, I noticed some of the people commenting where saddened by the fact that this didn’t...

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