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NEW POST: Mad For Plaid

We’re all mad here… or at least I am, for this Madras plaid crop tank & easy, breezy, beautiful gauzy maxi skirt. It’s the perfect airy combo for the super-sweltering days of summer that have been teasing the East Coast lately… and with even higher temps on their way I know I’ll be rocking this look quite frequently this summer.

I feel like I’m breaking two big girl fashion rules… wearing white (on bottom, oh, the horrors!) and wearing a crop top. To that antiquated notion I say, good. I hope my “rule breaking” breaks the judgmental views of anyone that thinks that certain people can’t wear specific styles. Wear what makes you happy.

Top: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (from Macy’s)

Skirt: ASOS

Sunglasses: Prada

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