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Sometimes I have bad hair days… And what’s a better way to deal with a bad hair day than a turban! Well, it’s a quasi-turban; I wanted to let my head breathe a little bit, so I only wrapped it partly around my head & let some of my bright red hair peek out.

I am obsessed. OBSESSED. With this white flowy skirt. I want to wear it every single day (but that would be gross), so I guess I’ll settle with a few outfit posts. I knotted a floral tank top at my waist to help define it, threw on some bracelets and tortoise shell sunglasses, and paired the outfit with my neon and nude flat sandals.

Top: H&M (Size L)

Skirt: ASOS (Size 14)

Scarf/Turban: H&M

Sandals: Guess (Size 9)

Sunglasses: H&M

Location: Montclair Art Museum


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