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heyyyhira asked: can you go to my page and look at my graduation dress post and help me figure out which one looks best on me? i want to dress to impress some guys so i need to look my absolute best, sorry this is so random but you had a post on the fashion questions tag saying ask anything! haha thank you!

Hi hun! I messaged you on your blog as well, but I would definitely choose the first one. I think the shape is very flattering for your body, and I think it will impress the guys the most. Do you have to wear all white? Having a white dress is a great canvas to add some bold colored accessories. If you can, add a bright colored shoe, maybe in red or blue (or one of your school colors if you’ve got “school spirit”). It will make your outfit pop even more & you will stick in their minds.

Congrats on graduating! Enjoy college!

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  1. amberemme said: DEF agree on EVERYTHING she said! The first dress seems most appropriate for a graduation as well!!
  2. psfashion posted this

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