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You ever find something so amazing that you can’t wait to tell everyone about it? Well, the Elomi swim line is one of those things!

Made specifically for full figured women, Elomi understands the curves of a woman’s body and crafts their swimsuits and lingerie to compliment your shape, not fight it.

While I was already a big fan of Elomi's products (the black bra I'm wearing in my “after" bra picture is by them), I was thrilled to see they had expanded into swim. And they didn’t just dip a toe, they jumped right in, with an amazing three-piece swim system, and most importantly, the swim bra.

The swim bra fits (and is sized) just like a regular bra. It’s an amazing foundation for any swim look, allowing you to wear it as a bikini top or layer it under a tankini, one-piece or similar swim top.

Most swimsuits (straight & plus-sized) don’t offer enough support, and the larger your breasts are, the more support you need in your swimwear. Now you have a promise of the lift and comfort you need, in a versatile layer-able style. 

The line comes with two different colored swim bras, three different styled bottoms (high-waist, mid-waist and skirted), and a few different patterned & styled tankinis (ruched, flared, solid & abstract). So, depending on your personal style & how much coverage you desire, you can create your perfect swimsuit!

I just don’t recommend swimming with a pony hair belt on.

Check out more plus-size swim options from BarePlus! (Also, their Friends & Family sale is going on right now & you can save 25% on Elomi swim & other amazing products!)

Swim Bra: Elomi

Swim Bottom: Elomi

Tankini: Elomi

Belt: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: St. Marks Street Vendor

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