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The go-to uniform for any fashionista is black, black and more black. However, since I’m always rocking more color than the average person, I always have to punch up my noir look with bright bursts of color.

Besides the automatic accessory of my red hair, I cinched the sheer black tunic with a skinny neon yellow belt and grabbed a Rothko inspired YSL tote. While a more classic shape, the bag’s unusual painterly style helps keep the outfit more on the edgy side of the line.  

The faux fur jacket echos the divided line look of the bag; light & dark, good & evil… all that nonsense. Topped off with extreme gold tipped cat-eye sunglasses and a multi-spike necklace, the edgy, punkish fashionista look is complete.

Faux Fur Jacket: ASOS

Top: Necessary Objects

Bra: Ashley Stewart

Skirt: American Apparel

Bag: YSL

Belt: Target

Shoes: Jeffery Campbell

Necklace: Forever21

Ring: Noir

Sunglasses: St. Marks street vendor

(Source: psfashion)

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    To me that top picture says “If Lady Gaga was cool.”
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    The dress isn’t my style, but I am digging this look anyway. Rad shoes, rad hair, rad fur coat, rad sunglasses. Well...
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