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A nude heel is one of the most useful shoes to have in your closet. As a neutral it will work with basically any outfit, so there are no concerns about clashing. And, when you wear nude heels with a bare leg, it’s lengthening and will make it appear as if you have legs for days.

Now, when I say “nude,” I mean the color (or as close as possible) to your skin tone. So while I’m very pale (with even paler legs), women of color should seek out shoes that are in a shade that compliments their personal hue. 

These specific shoes are by Betsey Johnson and are extremely comfortable, and even with a 5 inch heel, easy to walk in. Thanks to the covered platform and thick stacked heel you can strut around without concern of falling over and making an ass of yourself. They also have a leopard print sole with a tiny gold heart (not pictured), so you can appear more demure walking in, and more sex kitten on the way out.

(Source: psfashion)

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